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This is A4 sticker, printed by LaserJet5L.

Big Sticker


Here you can see a test page image of laser printer HP LaserJet 5L printed on commom "wallpaper" PVC films - with "wooden", "stone", holographic or simple metallic background. Stickers are scratch-, alcohol-, acid- and water-proof.

Well known screen printing methods (besides of price growth accordingly to a number of colours) have another drawback: difficulties in smooth colour changes and small scale regular structure images (especially in full colour) reproduction. This fact gives an evident advantage to the method proposed in production of labels with defence from forgery. Just imagine comlex drawing with smooth colour changes and small scale

egular structure on holographic (sparcling) background. Even high quality professional scanner and good image editor software will not principally simplify the problem of reproduction of the picture/ which was made in half an hour! There is also a simple possibility of invisible sign (which can be visualised by UV irradiation of currency detector) introduction... More about safety stickers

idcard1.jpg (25398 bytes)

Obviously,  two plastic labels with associated images, glued "meetsng" each other, can give a plastic card like ID cards with images / text on both sides, with a photograph, seal, number, etc. Thickness - 0.3 mm (half that of credit or phone card and it is much softer and easier to bend - but it can not be broktn with bare hands), the size - at left sample - 6x9cm. In the picture - the sample after five years of use in different pockets and purses.
About Neue Zeiten, if interested, you can read on the site of this nonprofit organization


Animated image of PC case logo PClogo.gif (38455 bytes)

"Domed" sticker label with the logo for the PC case on  the third version of holographic "wallpaper" background on the left and on a background of rainbow hologram - to right

Animated image of PC case logo label.gif (35366 bytes)

Unlike conventional screen printed ones - full-color halftone printing with a resolution of 7more than 1500dpi is possible. Rainbow hologram is the image that changes colors when you turn it around one axis and demonstrating pseudostereo effect while you turn it around another axis. For example, you can see (unfortunately - not very clear on this modest animation) that the Earth is in the foreground, and the stars - behind it. Such a holograms are widely used as a labels for anti-counterfeiting, is produced in much smaller quantities, so it is more expensive compared with conventional "wallpaper" hologram

CAUTION.GIF (170 bytes)  Do not try to feed laser printer/copier with PVC films in order not to damage the device!
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