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Here am I, Anatoliy Lazarenko. Education : Moscow Physical Technical Institute, Department of Physical and Quantum Electronics (1978) and post-graduate courses of the same Department. Jobs : senior research fellow (Military Radio Technical Engineering 
Academy, 1982-1986) and Associate Professor (general physics and lasers, Kharkov National Technical University "KhPI", since 1986 till now), Laser laboratory chief.  Author of about 20 patented in former USSR inventions in lasers, non-linear optics, etc. I am seeking partners in (joint) abroad patenting and further exploitation and development of invention exposed and know-how associated, I believe that any self-adhesive film production firm (perhaps, in cooperation with laser printers/copiers producer) can get some advantages in competition with the use of this invention.  About two years ago I found NineSigma as a source of good causes to train one's brain and hands in an absence of more serious problems. If you  are also interested in

Small and Fast Electric Water Heater, or in

Technology to Reduce Foaming in a Boiler,

or in Faucet Liner to prevent lead contamination of potable water according  to material toxity standard NSF-61, or in Technology For Small Metall Particles Detecting in Silica (Quartz) Tubing, I can help you! Any other challenging and creative problems in above mentionned fields can be of interst and could be discussed.

All serious proposals will be thoroughly studied, any help will be appreciated. For futher details please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Some pictures of Ukrainian nature near Kharkov you can find here.

My attempt to help democracy and human rights in Ukraine to grow


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