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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions on LazArt printing technology for stickers producing on holographic, metallised and transparent self-adhesive films with the use of regular home/office printers - both jet and laser ones.

1. Can you tell in details about proposed know-how's?

Proposed know-how's set allows to produce the plastic stickers and badges with the help of usual office/home printer (with usual ink/toner cartridges) on   "wallpaper" or advertising self-adhesive films, including metallised and with holograhic ones. The first our badges ( Russia's Patent, 1992) we made by photo method, about 11 years ago started to use at first b/w laser printer, then jet one, but later (on new technology base and taking into account for inexpensive color laser printers introduction ) - again laser one.

2. Could you send the stickers( badges) samples  ?

Send me International post response coupon   (  Anatoliy Lazarenko, 32/88 Groznenskaya St, Kharkiv 61124 Ukraine) with brief description- what kind of samples do you want and your address, and I'll find something.

3. I  do not believe that everything can be so simply, cheaply and splendid. There must exist some faults and problems?

Of course everything must be paid for. In our case for simplicity - by some disadvantages:..I shall try to describe them (with restrictions, mentionned in answer to question #1 - excuse me, without excessive details).

For  "Amateur" (with jet printer) beside already mentioned not absolute water-prooffness : while  holographic film of one specific producer company fault percentage  increases sometime from usual 0-2% up to 10 and more at breach of some conditions. But after all  I hope  nobody expects the technology will work in coal mine, for example?

The second - while time consumption for the sticker A4 production is about 5-10min , from hour to week can be needed  (for miscellaneous films) for  picture maturity.

For "Professional"(with laser printer) it is impossible to produce, for instance, completely  black sticker without margins. And in general, on big areas of  one color utter potting  not wholly printed "holes" can occure up to several 0.1mm (refer to drawing - a fragment of the test page of the   Minolta DeskLaser Magicolor 2200 or 2300 printer, and magnified image of the noted area with such a "hole")

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