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Welcome to Anatoliy Lazarenko Home Page! 

Here you can get to know about some applications of a new technology (patent pending) in advertising and souvenirs production; have a look at examples of resulting products; be acquainted with the author and his cooperation proposals.

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So, this technology gives laser printer quality image from the only copy - on any smooth surface, including holographic and metallized self-adhesive films. It uses well-known and widespread materials only.

This is not some computer graphics trick, these are really arbitrary images, produced by ordinary laser printer and placed by the use of our know-how on the surfaces of HP LaserJet5L printer front door (bottom) and (upper part) - of A4 format sticker, which was made of about 10 different self-adhesive COMMON DECORATIVE films and bearing test page of the same printer. You can obtain detailed view of this sticker with a couple of others, full-colour ones, by clicking here. The images are scratch-, water-, alcohol- and acid-proof.

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It is obvious that stickers obtained can be futher enhaced  in common way. At the left you can see domed (covered by transparent compound) PC case logos .
Products Examples Eight different kinds of promotional items/souvenirs, made with the use of invention discussed, are shown here. All of them can be made in office/home conditions with the use of laser printer/copier and no other special equipment. Click on an image to view its larger version and for further details. 
Author & proposals

HP LaserJet5L test page on four different producers' ordinary self-adhesive PVC films in invention author's hands. Click on an image to view its larger version or to get some information about the author and his cooperation proposals. 

Макет рекламного табло Night advertising boards can sparkle by all rainbow colours, daytime ones are deprived it... You can see enlarged and animated images of a signboard mock-up, which exhibits sparckling in sunshine.Take into account shadows on this picture - the daytime photos have been made under bright sunshine.
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A piece of glass cut out like diamond can compete with the late in colors game thanks to appropriate holographic structure dispersion (let us call it for short "diadif" - from diamond and difraction - or "brulik" - from Russian). An image of your beloved or pet on the biggest facet can be placed by appropriately modified above mentionned technology - a little video with full color image printed by a common jet printer on it's front facet and with grey scale image (the same HP  LaserJet5L "within" the diadif - in order to compare colors game with and without holographic structure. Because desired transparent sticker can be produced relatively easily, brulik can be used as a base for congratulations video clips production, small for MMS  ( in .3gp format ) as well as bigger for E-mail messages ( in   .avi). Sorry, but both stickers were printed in Russian - but I hope, you will believe me, that the first contains congratulation from Lazarenko to Masha, and the second one - from General Physics Chair men to  the same Chair's women :-) . 

It should be noted that nearby some edges some glare non-uniformities occures  - up to few percents of   the whole surface (photo at the left, 10cm diameter brulik). I hope these defects can be avoided or at least be diminished with technology improvement in future, but now one should be satisfied by what I have or try to make it better :-) by himself. Big (640х480pixels and near 1Mb) animated picture shows these defects near some edges at  periphery.

Back side of diadif  can be covered by some decorative coat for difractive structure protection (photo below,  "snake's scin" and "black velvet" for example).

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